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O Magnum Mysterium

I have under an hour until my final College Algebra exam, so I should be studying!

I don’t have time to write anything substantial, but I would like to share a video taken of a song I sang with my Chamber Choir  at our Christmas Concert yesterday. It’s a beautiful piece by Tomás Luis de Victoria called, “O Magnum Mysterium.” We were all spread out surrounding the audience members on both sides. My friend G who came to the concert and brought his camera was right by the pillar from which I came out to sing, so that’s how you get a great front-seat view of me singing the soprano line! I hope you enjoy it!

The translation is as follows:

O great mystery,

and wonderful sacrament,

that animals should see the new-born Lord,

lying in a manger!

Blessed is the Virgin whose womb

was worthy to bear

Christ the Lord.



❤ Me

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