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They are haunting me again

The memories

Of my past

My loss

What hurt my heart

And now echo in the present


I try with every bit of my strength

And will to move on

But the pain still lingers

Like a throbbing wound

That never fully healed


Here you are not

With me you are not

By my side you are not

In my arms you are not


Nothing can be done about this

I have no control

Over what happens

Only can I hope

For the future

And make the best out of my pain

That I try not to reveal to you


Yet what hurts more

Your silence

Or my holding it inside

I do not know

Nor can I endure it much longer

Without sinking back into

The pit of painful memories

Of past promises and failures

And silence


Here I shall endure

Curled up into a ball

Sobbing into my pillow

And praying for sleep

To take me to more pleasant dreams

Of a world where we successfully love



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