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I Wish I Could

I wish I could erase every frustration you have

I wish I could alleviate all of your worries

I wish I could hug away stress and bad days

I wish I could kiss the frown from your lips

I wish I could heal the hurts that you encounter

I wish I could take you away from everything negative

And with my presence

Heal you


I could try to do all of these

But alas they can only do so much to help

Yet not enough


So instead of trying with all of my might to

Fix you

I will listen to everything you choose to share

And be there for you when you decide to reach out


For I am not magic

Nor can I heal whatever ails you

I cannot force change or

Mold this into my idea of a healthier

And better situation


Here still I will be

Caring for you

Wishing for you

Praying for you

Hoping for you

And most of all

Loving you


Have faith

It will get better soon

Please believe

❤ Me

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