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Fear’s Hunt

I’ve been sick with the flu and a fever since Monday, hence my silence on here. And now Thanksgiving weekend is upon us. I’ll be out of town visiting relatives and friends out of state Thursday through Sunday. It will be a nice change of scenery but unfortunately not from the duties and obligations of classes. The six-hour drive will allow for time to make a decent dent in all of my books to read and writings, though.

Anyways, I have a new poem for you. Enjoy.

And Happy Thanksgiving! I’m grateful for each and every one of you readers.


A pack of beasts were on the hunt

Matted gray fur

Spittle flying from their mouths

Teeth bared

Ready to rip out the heart

Of the fleeing maiden


Her breath failing

Heart bursting

Legs heavy weights

Pained with the exhaustion

From running

As her very life depended upon her speed


And strength of will

To survive


She was running for what seemed like ages

When her legs suddenly gave out

And she fell to the mossy

Damp ground

Gasping for air

And sobbing for mercy


The pack surrounded her on all sides

And gazed at her with glowing yellow eyes

That seemed to stare into her very soul

Snapping at the air

Ready to tear into her soft flesh

And devour her entirely

Even her bones


Fear filled the maiden


Without seeing a way out

These wolves cared nothing of her feelings

Could not understand her cries for mercy

Their hunger consumed every sense


But then a white light so bright

That it temporarily blinded every eye

Came into the copse of trees

The beasts whined and retreated

For it was the Archangel himself

Appearing in the clearing

Baring his shining sword

Glowing with holy light


He had no need to slaughter and shed blood

For the creatures themselves fled

With tails between their legs


The maiden gazed at this immortal being

In wonder and astonishment

An angel came from Heaven

And chose to save her life

With sympathy


And love


He reached out a hand

And pulled her to her feet

Allowing his divine protection

To seep into her very being

Filling her with strength

Beyond this world

To continue to live and love

With all of her might

❤ Me

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