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Too bad you didn’t reach

Out and communicate enough before we made our

eXits from each other’s lives.

I really thought better of you and your so-called

Care for me. Never mind.


You can say whatever you like to your friends;

I’m not the toxic one.


(I just had to get this out. Going to bed stressed out and pissed off is not something I like doing. My weekend was going very well until I read something my ex wrote in reference to me. So now it’s time for me to find things that will make me happy before I go to bed.

Well, I have plenty of homework to do, books to read, music to listen to, and so much more that I’ll have plenty to get him off of my mind. Plus, I can always Skype B. He has a magical way of making me go to bed with a smile that shines all the way from my mouth, to my heart, to my entire self.

I don’t need to waste any more of my mind on J.)

Have a good night,



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