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You have disappeared from my life

Without a last word

Without a parting glance

You simply turned away

Never looking back


And you left me here

Without a reason

Without an answer

To the endless circle of questions

My mind kept asking


I am no stranger to endings

My first love across the sea

One day removed me from his life

And since then my ocean of memories

Has ebbed and flowed with the tide of time

Bringing recovery with the fresh new waters


But you touched a different part of my heart

Not simply fantasy but reality

Our bodies touched and merged as one

And I believed our souls did as well

For not simply a few months

But three years


My heart has been bruised



And beaten


What you did was worse


You took the piece of my heart

That I gave you

And ripped it out

Leaving a hole that never can be filled

A hollow space void of thought or emotion

That I can no longer feel or touch


Now you are nothing but a ghost to me

Your clothes you left behind will be given away

For I cannot bring myself to attempt to open

A channel for us to possibly reunite


As much as closure would soothe my mind

I do not think I can bring myself to risk

My health and my heart ever again

When it comes to you


Your thoughts

Your words

Your hands

Can no longer touch me

I cannot feel you near me



And so I release my memories of


Into the crisp cool winds

Heralding change and the new

Letting you go

Wherever life takes you


I try not to bear this void

Any ill will

Instead focusing on now

And the love I have from another

Someone wonderful

Along with that of my friends


But it is difficult

Having emptiness and


Surround me


Leave me to be me

In all that I can and will be

And free


Please hear this plea

At least



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