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Short Rant to My Homework

Okay homework, so here’s the situation:
I’m gone and unable to do homework from Thursday-Sunday. And then I work extra hard on Monday and Tuesday to struggle to catch up. I even worked steadily for 6 hours after my classes got out yesterday! That hasn’t happened in ages! And then I get some decent amount of sleep, wake up 30 minutes earlier to work on Art Song homework, only to get sick. Then I go to class and use my 1-hour break to finish up reading at the library, eat, and continue to work madly in my writing assignment for Wolf and Brahms. But I’m not done. And in 18 minutes, I will NOT be able to finish that, pack food, and get to my 1-7:30pm hellish class schedule!
I’m caught between a rock and a hard place! I work so hard, only to not be able to finish! My professor doesn’t accept late work!

I hate you, never-ending supply of class assignments, and can’t wait for this semester to be finished!

Thanks for putting up with this randomness.

❤ Me

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