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Chilly Winter Nights

January 8, 2011:


The chill air whispers at the windows

Hoping to enter

Hypnotized by the warm glow within


Where you and I cuddle underneath a blanket

On the soft cushions of the couch

Watching our fire in the hearth


The sparks and flames flit and merge

Entwined in a dance of crackling heat

Mimicking our own two hearts


Our bodies touch, my hand clasps yours

As we gaze into the windows of each other’s souls

Leaning toward our blending passions


Your lips gently meet mine

In a tender kiss that breathes new life into me

Nourishing inner flames


We slowly recline

My body supporting your warm embracing presence

Above me as we merge


Creating our own rhythm

Our bodies dance like two flames

As those in our hearth


I am your vessel

And you are my provider

Together our souls make a fire

Unquenchable by water

Creating a wonderful home

During these chilly winter nights

❤ Me

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