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July 20, 2010:


(Mature Content- Continue reading at your own discretion)


I feel your gaze warming my skin

As your fingertips trail across my body

Tracing patterns over every inch


My land is yours

I let you rule

Claim me for your own


Our eyes meet

You above and me below

At this moment there is no end or beginning


Just us with each other

In each other

Our arms and legs entwined


Time stands frozen

The moment you enter me

And connect every fiber of your being with mine


I am electrified

Sparks pulsing through me

Straight to my core


My lips form words

Whispering softly with an honest passion

Of how I revel in our merging


I gasp

I clench

I moan

I breathe

I shudder

I tighten

I squeeze

I connect

I release

I come


I love you

❤ Me

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