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Here’s a New Poem!

I wrote it less than a minute ago.


Bursting into bloom in

Rays I had never imagined,

I feel light in ways I’ve never felt before,

And it is wonderful how this feeling hopefully will

Never stop.



It’s short, I know, but I hope you like it.


❤ Me

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One Year

I wrote this poem for him in honour of our one-year anniversary. I don’t even remember what he did for me. We weren’t even together for it.


March 21, 2010:


(Mature Content Disclaimer- Read at your own risk)


One year ago

The warmth of your smile

Captured my heart

In a long-awaited embrace


Finally together

After months of sharing

Our hopes and dreams

Growing closer


Shyness slowly melted away

As laughter bubbled to the surface

It was so natural

Being with you, near you


The joining of our lips

Opened a door

To an entirely new world

Of possibilities between us


Slowly undressing me

Revealing new layers to explore

I felt a heat slowly build

Inside me from my core


You embraced me closely

Surrounding me with your protection

As you slowly and gently

Connected with me


Venturing deeper until reaching

My threshold of womanhood

A brief pain

And I became yours


You gazed at me in awe

As I basked in the glow

Of our souls merging

An honour for you alone


The months flew by

With smiles and kisses

Tickles and massages

Falling deeper in love


Now here we find

Ourselves joined closer than ever

Hearts and souls merged as one

Thriving in each other’s warmth


Feeling you within me

Filling me with your love

I will treasure you always

Nurturing with precious care


You are my gift from above

The answer to my prayers

A true blessing in my life

I am forever grateful


May our future be blessed

Together venturing the path

Of what lies ahead

Hand in hand



As you may or not know, our future was “blessed” for about a year and a half more. Now, he is no longer in my life. Well, he left a nice outfit of his in my closet, so I have to awkwardly mail that up to him. But there will be no words, not a card for him to read. Just those clothes. After having ended it for a little over a month now, he hasn’t even called or reached out or even driven a few hours to try and save what we had. When I reached out to him, he gave a short, cold, and  insincere reply. He’s not worth my time or tears. The balance between the two of us in taking care of our relationship was maybe 80% me and 20% him. That’s being optimistic. I don’t think he was ready to care for a woman in his life. He had many difficulties and struggles to make ends meet up where he lives. I tried to be there for him and help when I could, yet it seemed it didn’t make much of a difference. I deserve a relationship that’s 50/50. Because that’s what a true relationship should be.

I’m not going to stop publishing the poems I wrote for him, though. Sharing them with you, the readers of my blog, is probably the best thing I could decide to do with them instead of reading them to myself and crying alone about how we’re not together anymore. 

And soon, when I finish posting these old poems, you will get to read new works of mine dedicated to someone else…


❤ Me



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