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January 5, 2010:


Soft circles of light

Glow and drift through

The starry evening sky

Fireflies dancing in the night


They fly

With whispers on their backs

From all corners

Connecting the world


They speak of hopes to be shared

Wishes to be made

Happiness, Prayers, Blessings

All shining on their journeys


One in particular

Bears a message across the sea

I’ve leaned in to whisper my words on its back

And sent it from me to you


Now it softly lands

Upon your shoulder delicately

And leans in to whisper

In your ear


I wish you happiness

Throughout this new year

Contentment and tenderness

Filled with cheer


Please treasure this firefly

Keep it safe after its long journey

And maybe someday

You can send one back across the sea

To me

❤ Me

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