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The Watcher

June 30, 2008:


Her eyes grow heavy

Leaden weights

Crushing memories








And then the shadow comes

A herald of possibility

At first

Wounded look

Seeing her suffering

His emanating compassion

Absorbs the pain upon himself


This silent figure looming

Nearly opaque

Halo of gold

First his words can be seen

Not heard

They flow helpless

The girl blind and deaf

The guardian couldn’t heal her

Powerless sage


Only aid is words

Floating, reaching out

Reserved, frightened

He has never seen a human girl

Like her

Faint distant recollections

Of a woman he had once


This one sounded

Familiar but changed

Was it her?


Comfort grows

Lady weak from her duel with Death

But she had prevailed

With her saviour who

Could not seem to leave

Her pleas for company

Understanding reservations


This Guardian thinks

Deeply, Madly, Truly

Unveiling the angel

Trapped in human form

Ripped from Heaven months ago


And he wraps his arms around

This frail but brightening

Woman no more


Now the angels savour their embrace

For eternity


❤ Me

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My Wife Celestine

This is the last poem A shared with me (written in my journal June 27, 2008).

My wife, Celestine, my love let me be

Forever at your side protecting you my queen

And not where I fall on this nameless plain

Forgotten to the aching days in vain


I walked the night on your wind, my arms

Shielded you with my bright wings

Called to you as the sea does sing

But this was not the way of things


I was your angel, sharp and keen

My shining helm afar was seen

All the stars in heaven’s yield

Were mirrored in my silver shield


A gallant knight so strong and true

My life I did swear unto you

With an oath that only death can break

An oath that only death can take


But my wife, Celestine, I bade you flee

Away from these daemons that plagued the land with glee

They sought only to turn beauty like yours

And smear it; cast it down on bloody floors


These bandits of the desolate road

I would smite down as away you rode

To await my triumphant return

And to embrace you as my heart did yearn


My sword did sweep, carve and render

Bodies did fall before my splendour

For a knight will always prevail

And has been sung in countless tale


The last man fell down to one knee

The wounds of war across his face did stream

As just before I went to go

He did lunge at me with one last fateful blow


Oh, my wife, Celestine, I did forsee

This happening to me in dream

In a sad vision that I did behold one night ago

Such an image of pain and woe


If I were to die, then it would be

In a glorious stand sheltering thee

Fighting for you while you’re there by my side

My final thoughts of you as I died


But in this dream I did weep

Alone I suffered with wounds running deep

The rain did fall into my eyes

Smitten by the roadside I cried


For as much as it pains me to know

That my passing would be as memorable as smoke

I would pass on from this world

In darkness, and with no one to hold


My wife, Celestine, my love let me be

Forever at your side protecting you my Queen

And not where I fall on this nameless plain

Forgotten to the aching days in vain


I wonder what he’s doing now. Maybe he married the woman he was engaged to two years ago. Hopefully he has never stopped writing. I remember he told me that he wanted to be a script writer. Maybe one day I’ll read one of his plays or see a film he wrote the script for.

❤ Me

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