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The Shadow of the Man

I recorded into my journal this poem that A shared with me on April 12, 2008. He says the inspiration of it came from some kind of mythological legend and did not come from our experience together, but it is as if some of the content is speaking directly to me. He could express himself through poetry so very well, better than when we wrote to each other without poems or music.

I haven’t spoken to him in years, and I probably will never really know his true feelings.¬†However, his poetry is amazing.


You found me weeping beside the crossroad,

I had been there alone for longer than I can remember

The cold had wrestled me numb, my heartbeat slowed

By the first unrelenting rains that beckoned the approach of November


How you embraced me that night; I don’t think you knew why

But you held me close; took my fingers, knotted your hands with mine

She looked at me with eyes convinced that I had fallen from the sky

And asked what brought me, what was I trying to find?


The beauty of an angel, a face strange and untrue

That knowledge of companionship laced with love

And now I cannot bring myself to face this world without you

For all that I sought from the forces above

Are crouched here before me gazing with confusion

In disbelief that I would suffer from a blackened heart

Your touch grows warmer, and I fall under the illusion

That you are mine, and have always been from the very start


I am lost without my guiding star; to me the day is meaningless

She promises to save me, I ask her to never let me go

There on the ever watchful paths where all life does cross

I wish for her to take me and call me her own

To drop me at her ninth wave so that I may never wash down

To these tempestuous shores weaved with the debacle of men

Home is this flourishing supernova found only in mine and your brow

Which I shall clad in the thickest armour and always defend


The performance is good, but doubt needs to come into the fray

I want her to discard all that binds her to this world

The never ending rent of time changes all, I mutter, and I pray

That your familiar face will never fade for you are all that I desire to hold

The voice of a thousand songs gently graces my ear as she whispers

Hide me; I only want to see you, those eyes everlasting beneath the moon

Cradle you more carefully than the most treasured crystals

My hold would withstand even the fiercest of typhoons


It’s empty at night and I fear hell’s deadliest force: the lonely

That feeling of a thousand walls suffocating all emotion

But more do I fear that most hard felt strain: that I am not yours only

She makes silence of the night with every word spoken

Know that my sacred thoughts of you last forever, they cannot be stolen

Neither mortal nor god can temper with that which is not bound to them

So my love for you is true. Its strength never twisted or swollen

It holds undimmed even in the darkest of foreign dens


Now that I have you tied to even the simplest of words

I confess that I am but a shadow of that man by the path

That body is left behind without identity, unheard

A name does not suit me at this time, it would carve

Inward to my spine, hang uncomfortably around my neck

As I feasted on the enraptured soul of another

The name of the body is forgotten in but a second

But the shadow is labelled, that of the Gan Corner




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