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From My Heart, To Your Eyes

March 27, 2008:

My face in your hypnotic eyes

Draws me in

Bathing in your glowing praise

A cascade of shining splendour

Causing me to lose

My breath in violent heaves

The heart’s drumbeat bursting

Through my breasts

Leaving in a single beam of song

Chiming in melodic harmony

With your velvet compliments

Stroking my smiling face

In the softest caress

This new feeling rests

Nestling in my thoughts, my heart

In sentimental passionate love

For you

My eyes close in hopeful dreams

Only of you and your touch

Your trailing fingers

Your soft hair

Your strong arms

Your lips’ touch

For me

In that chance embrace

That endures for ages

Of timeless loving moments

Lasting a lifetime

With you



❤ Me

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