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A Spark and Quiet Hideaway

Two more poems I wrote into my journal on March 8, 2008.


A Spark

Bright eyes spark my interest

Fanning the flames of desire

Into a passionate enthrallment

You ignite me with your words,

Your voice that speaks

To me with such a chivalrous compassion

You are beautiful

A beautiful man with beautiful ideals

That mirror my own beauty,

Reflecting into a blinding sparkle.

Who cares about taste or touch,

When I have your spirit with me?



Quiet Hideaway

I giggle and you clasp a hand to my mouth.

Secret hideaway.

The dusty tomes swear not to tell a soul.

But my burst of mirth bubbling from my toes, up my legs, around my breasts, passing through my heart, up my throat

Caresses its way out of my body and into the silent air

A firecracker in pitch black night.

Up above, a light blinks its eyes open.

Dim-witted soul.

Creeping, creaking through the alleyways

Where you and I hide, our bodies pressed together

For concealment purposes, we say.

Because I want our bodies merged together as one, both of us think to ourselves.

My pulse quickens

Because danger of unveilment is nigh?

Or because I can feel your hot breath on my neck.

That bloody light is still creeping!

If we’re caught sirens will sound.

Spending the night here was a bad idea, I say.

The old sentinel was supposed to be deaf, you answee.

A laugh threatens to rise up through my body again

My chest, shoulders begin to heave.

My eyes close, mouth open for the release.

And then your lips merge with mine.

What better way to keep our mouths from speaking,

By kissing, we seal the deal.

The light has faded past us,

Leaving us alone

In the dark



❤ Me

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