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The Snowball

Once there was a little snowball

So soft and white and pristine

Virgin snow

Innocent and newly fallen from the heavens


She was very small compared

To the rest of the world

In all its grand splendour

And gigantic possibilities


Then one day

A group of children

Began playing with her

Picking her up

Smashing her together

Into a harder ball


They threw her at each other

Screaming and laughing

Having fun at her extent

Without realizing she was terrified

And screaming for help


One boy threw her so hard

That she smashed against a tree

Where she exploded into

A million fragments

Scattering across the ground


Yet another boy picked her

Pieces up again

This time bringing debris and

Sticks and stones

Hurting her with their sharp edges


This fight

Lasted forever in her eyes

Until a mother’s call

Made the boys drop her

Allowing her to escape this

Never-ending war

That she had nothing to do with


And she let herself scatter

In the winds

Letting go of all the shit

That had mixed in her

Beautiful skin

Embracing the fresh cool air

On her face

Finally free


❤ Me

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