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Inspiration for this poem came to me earlier this morning, and I had to unleash the words bursting from inside of me!

Enjoy! 😉


Something in the air brushes against our skin

Messengers spreading thoughts

That ensnare our senses.


I fall back into your arms

Against your chest

Your attentive hands

As they travel across my body.


My eyes are heavy with desire

Oblivious to anything other than you

Whispering words of seduction

In my ear.


Your lips brush against the sensitive skin of my neck

Sending thrills through me

All the way down to my toes.


Traveling across the soft plain of my cheek

Your lips find the rich paradise

That is my lips

Upon which you drink the nectar of my essence

Eagerly and desperately.


For tonight you shall delight in me

Exchanging gifts of passion

Under the shining light of the moon.



❤ Me

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