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End of Final First Week

Here I am on Sunday morning. Today I was up bright and early to attend 8:15 Mass.

This weekend hasn’t been a sleeping in kind of weekend, unfortunately. But I suppose it’s a blessing in disguise because I’m getting a lot more accomplished with my homework. I still have a lot more work to do: reading for Psychology and typing up notes, College Algebra equations, catching up on my 20th Century Music readings, and familiarizing my self with a set of Russian songs for Art Song. Not to mention a much overdue French essay on Baudelaire’s portrayal of the female body as seen in his works, « À celle qui est trop gaie, » « Les Bijoux, » and « Les Métamorphoses du Vampire. » I am missing the French word, and it makes me a little forlorn that I’m unable to take a French course this semester. But I’m not sorry that I’m not taking the class offered, “French Existentialism.” Not really my interest… However, I did bring all seven of my Harry Potter books in French! That should be fun to re-read! 🙂

My first (and final!) week back at University has been so busy and exhausting! I think it’s going to be a great semester, class-wise! There isn’t a course I’m not fond of! And I’m a Senior! Hard to believe! I think I’m too young to graduate… My Opera Studio audition went extremely well! I found out I made it (big surprise), and now the heat is on as I wait for the casting results! Wish me luck on getting a good role! 😀

My roommate A is awesome! I think we have great compatibility and will have many fun times! My living situation is much better than my past three years here.

I got a new pair of glasses yesterday! They have black frames and look quite sexy, if I do say for myself. 😉

It’s time for me to get to some homework now. It’ll be an intense session!

Have a great rest of the weekend!

❤ Me

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