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Tears Us Apart

Here’s another poem I wrote; this time it’s from January 2008:

Tears Us Apart

A thousand-mile ocean tears us apart.

Each day, each moment we miss each other

By a quarter of twenty-for hours.

I reach, desperately attempting to grasp

Anything that will carry me to your shores.

But, by some miracle, if I reach the exotic

Foreign home you call your own,

Will the mirage melt away?

A wall of embarrassment, shame, hurt, disappointment

And sadness may crush me?

Dark clouds loom above my consciousness

Planting seeds of doubt.

Questions formed, the answers locked away

With only you in the possession of the keys

To reveal enlightenment:

Is this simply a dream?

Do tangible desires steal away your appetite?

Does the thought of my appearance shifting over time disappoint?

Can faith be deepened?

This heavy burden do you find impossible, improbable, and unbearable?

Your voice but a faint whisper in my mind.

Your embrace a dream I can barely envision.

Lying restless in my well of dreams.

Closed eyes open my thoughts to the possibilities

Of what should come to pass

Should you still care.


Bear in mind, this was me mooning over someone who doesn’t have a hold on me anymore. I am happily in love with the true love of my life right now. 🙂

❤ Me

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