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The Coffee Mug Incident

This was my status I posted to Facebook yesterday:

Instead of being productive and packing, I gashed open my forearm deep enough to cut through the epidermis and dermis. So I spent the day in the ER waiting to get stitches instead. J is an awesome brother for driving me and putting up with the 4-hour wait for it all to get done.
How did I cut open my arm, do you ask? On a coffee mug whose handle broke off as I was reaching for one to make tea with. Let the jokes about my perpetual clumsiness commence.

It certainly made for an interesting yet boring day! I had just eaten half of my breakfast and decided to make some tea to help me wake up before I did my biking. So as I was reaching for a mug in the cabinet, my mom’s “Looking Good at 40” mug fell, and somehow the handle broke off into a few pieces. One of them was particularly sharp and pointed. I felt a little sting, and upon looking down at my right forearm noticed a chunk of my skin cut open. It was pretty deep, and I thought to myself, “That looks strange; it’s beginning to gross me out.” It hadn’t started bleeding initially, and the sharp piece of the coffee mug didn’t have any blood on it. I showed it to my brother, a bit dazed. Then the profuse bleeding commenced. I ran over to the sink to let it drip in there as well as rinse it a little.

I’m really proud of my little brother. He took charge and remained calm, calling our mom and wrapping my arm in gauze to quell the bleeding. Then we drove to the hospital for stitches. I grabbed the other half of my peanut butter English Muffin breakfast and a water bottle to finish in the car.

Once we got there, it was a very long wait to first be seen, then answer questions, go into a room to wait for a doctor, and finally have the stitches put in. I watched Ghost Hunters to pass the time. When the doctor came in, she numbed my arm (thank goodness!) and sewed me up with 5 stitches. I had cut through my Epidermis (top) layer of skin and into the Dermis (second-highest level) layer. Eep! All in all, it could have been much worse. But it was still gross. I’m not a big fan of blood and seeing underneath my skin.

At least there were only five...

Today was not much better. I woke up at 4am in pain, so I staggered up to take some pain medication they prescribed for me. The rest of the day was spent being in a constant terrible headache. A cool thing that happened today was that I had an annual eye-exam and got a new pair of glasses and contacts! They look very chic, but you’ll have to wait to see pictures, as they’ll take several business days to become available. A not so cool thing involved me feeling nauseous and finally letting it all out… All the food I’d eaten today which was not much. You probably don’t want to hear more about that, so I will spare you the gruesome details.

I chilled with my mom and watched some more of LOST, Season One. It’s my fourth time watching it, but I still love it! We only have one more episode left in the season, and I thoroughly have my mom hooked.

Tomorrow will be a get-down-to-business day for me. I really need to pack! After all, I move in this Saturday! It’s so surreal that it’s my last year at University!

And now, dear friends, I am exhausted and still feeling terrible. I do believe it is bedtime for me. May watch a little more of Netflix beforehand.

Good night!

❤ Me

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