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At 1:32a.m., I finally received my Pottermore Welcome Email saying how I now had access to the site! And so of course I stayed up pretty late exploring until I just absolutely had to go to sleep out of sheer exhaustion and a headache! I don’t want to give spoilers that will frustrate the people still waiting to get in, but it’s truly amazing! I love it! For the true Harry Potter fans, it’s exquisite! The artwork and the exclusive notes from JK Rowling concerning never before released content on the world of Harry Potter are fantastic!

You answer questions made by Rowling herself and are matched with a particular wand! And it’s not just random; she posts information behind the types of wood, flexibility, and item from magical creature that make this particular wand special! It’s amazing how it fits your personality as well!

I was officially sorted into Hufflepuff House. Where they are just and loyal, those patient Hufflepuffs are true and unafraid of toil. Back in the day, I was a die-hard Ravenclaw fan and was convinced I belonged there. But as time went on I just had a feeling that Hufflepuff was the right House for me. And after reading JK Rowling’s exclusive thoughts on what makes a Hufflepuff I can say I’m extremely proud and unashamed to be one!

And just so you people know, Hufflepuff is NOT just the place where everyone leftover goes and is NOT just a whole bunch of softies that aren’t cunning, ambitious, or brave enough! We are admirable!

There is just so much to explore! When I woke up this morning and tried to get on, there was a support message saying, “Sorry, Pottermore is currently unavailable. We are making routine updates to our website and we expect to be up and running again very soon. Please come back later and try again.” Of course this happens. They’re probably expanding the site for more users. Hopefully. I want to get back to it! I’m so glad I got access before classes began! That way I can get marathons out of my system. I will have to practice restraint when I go back to university so it doesn’t detract from my classwork and practicing!

And now for another poem written for me by A back in 2007:

Love So Alike

I know more about you, as you know

Of me, as we are one of the same.

You cannot laugh or lie, dance, or cry without

Me knowing for tonight you are mine again

What mockery can I make of your dreams?

I watch you, fast asleep. All your hopes

And fears are pressed to my chest,

Your sanctuary is my kingdom

You and I, in this new land.

And what’s left of me runs free in your cage,

A cage without touch or taste, or smell

Only feeling lies here, washed with memory

And for tonight, they are yours and mine alone.

You unveil for me a promise left hanging

Aloft in the now lonely skies. The babe

Lets down its guard to reach, naked,

To that fading vessel as it drifts heaven bound.

Left falling on vacant arms above

In the stricken skies; left vulnerable in a starless horizon.

I do believe in all these things you see,

I know, that you do not.

Can you not comprehend the essence of this tangible spectre?
Or is it just another vague ambition, cut short

And discarded as the first slice of bread is left to turn stale.

This love so alike, drawn from neither intent nor devotion, forceful nor free.

Made through bondage of our great two worlds.

Gleaming north, declining south

A flight of words soars west to that which could be,

And yet only I, can hear.

So I leave you, until the dusk breaking upon that foreign plain to me,

Waiting to embezzle on that which you bring me,

I and you alone.

~ A. M.

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