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She is born into a world,
Wide-eyed with wonder.
Gazing up at the vast sky
And all life around her.
Smells overwhelm,
Colours fascinate,
And the taste.
Oh, the taste of leaves and flowers
In her eager mouth.
She absorbs everything with eagerness,
Fattening up on life’s pleasures and delights.
One day, she cannot move.
Trapped, encased, imprisoned,
Screaming to get out,
To leave this choking Hell
Where darkness reigns
And the light is lost.
Time answers her call
As she slumbers deeply,
Building a budding strength inside of her
For when she is ready
To set herself free.
Her hands reach out against her cocoon,
Pushing with all of her might,
And slowly a pinprick of bright peeks through a hole.
The warmth invigorates her and gives her the strength
To break free from her chains of bondage
And emerge with wings.
She will let the sun dry her tears,
Allowing the blood to flow through her veins
With new power;
Wisdom that the world ever changes.
Even the smallest butterfly can soar to the heavens and live with all of her might.

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