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Taking a Plunge…

I came across something in a book that made me look back on a really traumatic part of my past that I don’t like to dwell on. But what it said made me wonder about whether the incident that happened could have been prevented and handled differently… I understand that it was in God’s plan for me to come to terms with my mental disorder, but in truth, the authority figures and establishment that went about handling it were absolutely horrible to me. It wasn’t fair, and as a result, four crucial months of my life were ruined and my life is changed forever. I look back and wonder what my life would be like if those four months were different. I could be in a completely different place right now.

The idea of taking action is slowly sprouting in my mind, but it scares me. I would be opening a can of worms that would be extremely painful for me to bear… I will keep this thought in my mind and prayers for now and look up research on past cases, not to mention talk to my uncle for advice on the matter. It’s really serious business, but I can’t afford to lose my composure and focus on my goals for school in the future. Fortunately, I have a wonderful mother and boyfriend that will help me through this decision I will choose to make.

Love and blessings.

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I have the impulse to start a blog, and so now I shall fill it with my thoughts on pretty much everything. Some posts may be boring, some amusing, some sad, some insightful, some romantic, some ridiculous, but all will be opinionated. This is more for myself than others, but I welcome one and all to read if you stumble across my little haven of precious thoughts! More will be written soon, but I am full of the duty and motivation to pack up and prepare to move into my new apartment at Webster University where I go to school.
Enjoy this heat, and blessings be upon you.
🙂 ❤

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